Rib safari in the Helsinki archipelago

Exciting sea experiences!

Rib boats are very fast but safe and steady. The rib boat takes even the most extreme groups to the sea, so they can feel the surges of the sea and the thrill of the speed! Of course, you can also travel more slowly. Rib safaris are always modified to suit the customer’s wishes.

Rib boat safaris are popular activities especially for bachelor(ette) parties or company trips, as they will surely bring fun and excitement into the event. So turn the music on and let our experienced captain take you to a flight above the waves! Contact us for a suitable rib safari in the Helsinki archipelago. We have boats of different sizes.

You can also combine travelling by rib boat easily with water sports with water skis, wakeboard, or ring pull.

Water sports

Water skiing

Water skiing is great for beginners and people without much experience with water sports. Downhill skiing experience can be useful, as the technique is similar. We also offer speed training for the sport. We will teach basic skills and tips on how to rise on the surface and start making tricks. Once you learn to ski with two skis, we leave one out and you get to show your skills with one ski!

Wake Boarding

Wake Boarding is a little more challenging that water skiing. Wake Boarding is similar to snowboarding and suits those who have it as a hobby. However, snowboarding experience is not a requirement for learning Wake Boarding. We will train you if necessary. With a Wake Board, you can make great jumps and tight curves, or maybe turn around in the air.


The ring is a fun water toy for anyone regardless of age or size. You can just chill or have a more exciting experience, where we add speed and you start to practically fly behind the boat. It can look extreme, but it is always very fun and safe. This activity suits everyone and does not require previous experience with water sports or skiing.

Rib packages

Archipelago terrace round

Many of us have been on terrace rounds, but how about a round in the unique Helsinki archipelago? Take your group to enjoy the sea in Helsinki and the terraces of the archipelago in a good and relaxed company. There are a lot of nice terraces for enjoying other people’s company. With the rib boat, moving from one terrace to another happens fast and with style!

Rib boat trip in an hour

Ribs are fast boats. When you travel in one, the landscape keeps changing very fast! This cruise will not bore you. You get to experience a lot in an hour, whether you want to find the sea’s biggest waves or enjoy the landscape – it is your choice!

Island tour

There are countless beautiful islands in front of the capital area. Many of these islands are in a completely natural state. In a Rib island tour, we go to a chosen outer island, where we have barbecue, play games, and have a good time. We return fast by Rib boat.

Travelling safely

Our customers can always trust us. We do everything safely and professionally, and make sure that everyone is having fun.

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